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Finally a small reunion!!

So i finally met up with two of my really great male friends here in Seoul!

We hadn’t really talked or seen each other since Christmas. So we caught up on a lot.

We ate Japanese curry and talked about our lives. Needles to say I still spilled my guts about my break up but hearing hilarious stories of projectile vomitting, horrible food we’ve eaten in Korea and great dating stories from them made it click inside my head that my ex and I really were too different, cultural-wise and how we expressed our emotions. These things clashed and made our relationship that much more difficult. But overall I’m glad it happened because I learned more about myself.

One of my friends said something  that totally made sense when it comes to dating. “Don’t go fishing, just swim.”

I was so happy by the time we left one another that I smiled from ear to ear on the way home! 

The doorman also saw my Muzi stuffed animal and said we were both similar :D

oh and BTW I’m moving in a month =.= my landlord raised my rent so I’m moving out of this officetel :__: good news is, I might move into one on the floor beneath mine lol But we’ll see :D This week is starting out pretty well ^o^


I was talking to one of my co-teachers about why I have been a little less happy around school lately and I come to find out my co-teacher and her best friend both broke up with their boyfriends around the same time I did with mine O_O

And then a week after the incident one of my friends told me her boyfriend broke up with her…..on her birthday.  WTF?! 

Our conversation then shifted to a great place in Hongdae that makes cheesecake right after you order it….and it is amazing! 

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