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So today has been a great day and then after the subject teachers and I come back from our bonding hike/ pow wow session we arrive to the news that one of our coworkers’ husband is one of the missing victims from the ship sinking. The vice principal sent an email to all of the teachers asking us to pray that he appears or that some news about him comes up. Apparently he’s a high school teacher who went on a trip to Jejudo with his students and now all of them are missing.

I’m hoping and praying for good news for my coworker, her family, and for everyone affected by awful situation.

Happy white day!

So almost a month ago I gave YS a box of chocolates, a handwritten note and a drawing (yes I am 6! I regret nothing!) and we officially started going out that same day.

Now on white day I can’t see him because he’s really busy but I did see him yesterday and he gave me candy, couples socks and a letter he wrote.
Luckily, we have a date this Sunday and I wanna show him how appreciative I am of his gifts but particularly the letter he wrote :’)

So between his really nice gifts and my students giving me candy today. I’m having a great White Day!

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