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Getting my haircut :D

As you may have noticed from my picture, I got a haircut :D

A few weeks ago, I went to Juno Hair in Mokdong and asked to get a haircut. At the time, I realized I needed to get my hair re-straightened because it was growing in wavy and frizzy at the roots,

I gave the girl my iPad which happened to have a picture of Rihanna ( I look nothing like her but I love her hair <3)

I literally asked ” can you make me look like this :D?” She gave me a reassuring smile and said “yes!”

needless to say, I did not look like that lol She straightened my hair and cut it. I came out looking more like this

I figured it would look better after I completely straightened my hair with chemicals….and it has gotten better :D

I definitely don’t look like Rihanna but I am loving these bangs and haircut <3 I’m still getting used to them haha 

late night thoughts

So as I was walking around Myeongdong and shopping like crazy (because I clearly need more crap in my apartment) I was thinking ” Should I start dating again? Am I ready?”

There is a half of me that feels that dating wouldn’t be too bad. I mean, just hanging out and talking to someone would be kind of cool again ( y’know, as far as boys). I would really like to get to know other guys.

But then, there is the other half of me that doesn’t think I’m ready. Luckily I have gotten to the stage where I am definitely not missing contact with my ex and I’m fine with knowing nothing about him…at all! I still do think about  him and I tend to get angry or think about the good times. So I’m not sure I want to push it yet with dating.

I have talked to other guys ( AS FRIENDS!!!) and I get really into it because I want to know more about them, but I’m not sure if it would be the same with dating. This is a noodle scratcher right there.

I guess I’ll wait and see. I have tons of work coming up with my taking afternoon Korean classes at Sogang ( ;~;), work, and then gym time with my trainer xD Not to mention I will soon be traveling to Dokdo and then maybe clubbing sometime in the near future ( I haven’t gone since like May ;__;) Hongdae anyone?

Hello hello!

I need to do a proper update at some point ;~; my bad guys!

Anyway, I got a haircut yesterday that was inspired by Rihanna but I feel l look more like the girl from the Ring ( Japanese movie) hmmmm. It might look better after I get my hair touched up this Saturday. I’ll post up a picture :D

Also…. I signed up for another gym!!! Excited!!! I used to go to a gym somewhat near my apartment but the owner kept trying to give me advice , which would have been nice if I asked for it or liked to have human contact while exercising….but I don’t. Actually one of the things that bothered me was that I always caught him staring at me and when I would run on the treadmill he would hop on the empty one next to me just to ask me a really random ass question. I tried avoiding him every chance I got. So when my membership expired he immediately asked when I would come back from the U.S. And if I planned on coming back =~=

So now I enrolled at a gym half a block from my apartment :) can’t wait to lose the weight I gained in two weeks from eating heavenly food from America!

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