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So today has been a great day and then after the subject teachers and I come back from our bonding hike/ pow wow session we arrive to the news that one of our coworkers’ husband is one of the missing victims from the ship sinking. The vice principal sent an email to all of the teachers asking us to pray that he appears or that some news about him comes up. Apparently he’s a high school teacher who went on a trip to Jejudo with his students and now all of them are missing.

I’m hoping and praying for good news for my coworker, her family, and for everyone affected by awful situation.

Happy white day!

So almost a month ago I gave YS a box of chocolates, a handwritten note and a drawing (yes I am 6! I regret nothing!) and we officially started going out that same day.

Now on white day I can’t see him because he’s really busy but I did see him yesterday and he gave me candy, couples socks and a letter he wrote.
Luckily, we have a date this Sunday and I wanna show him how appreciative I am of his gifts but particularly the letter he wrote :’)

So between his really nice gifts and my students giving me candy today. I’m having a great White Day!

How it began…

So I was looking through my kakao messages instead of being productive at work I saw the messages from YS! It’s kind of funny looking back at it now. This totally reminded me that I still haven’t written the post explaining how we met.

So originally in the beginning of the new year I was considering trying out language exchange again (the first time was super creepy and I kept meeting really weird guys =.=) This time around I tried a different website in which you could upload a picture and if you are super serious even pay a small fee which allows you to email people.

I made my profile and it took a week to get approved, which was a good sign as to how it looks a lot more serious than the other place I used to use. In my profile I specifically mentioned I just wanted someone to help with studying for my class, even if it was for a little while, but that I was serious about wanting to practice Korean.

Of course I got a good amount of replies within the first week from Koreans and non-Koreans alike. One of them was from YS. I didn’t think much of it at the time, actually he was the second person to contact me but I didn’t want to message him back until I started talking to the first guy. The first guy took a while to reply to my message so I decided I might as well accept YS’s invitation to become friends. I kept it very casual for a few days and then we exchanged kakao IDs.

At the time I was going through a bit of anxiety over an unrelated matter so when he messaged me I felt very “blah”, but he still seemed really cool, up until he told me he was currently living in Suwon. He told me it was an hour away from where I live and I jokingly said “ that’s kinda far” and it took him a while to respond. When he did he was like “C’mon? It’s not THAT far” but being the typical moron that I am I insisted it was. We messaged sporadically until around 11pm of the same day and then he didn’t message me again. Fast-forward about two weeks later during the lunar New Year.

My friends and I went to Everland even though it was raining but we had an awesome time. At that point I was messaging some other guy who convinced me to meet him that Friday and have coffee with him. So I had been messaging with this guy for the past two days. He sometimes stopped messaging me so I would check my phone every so often because he wasn’t THAT interesting.

Oddly enough when I felt my pocket vibrate I thought it was that guy, lo and behold it was YS, though at the time looking at my phone I was like “ Who the f**** is this?”

He kakaoed me asking me how I was doing and what I would be doing for New Years and then the conversation rolled on from there. So after talking to him for a bit, it turned out we had a lot of similar views and feelings on different things from living abroad, to siblings, to even beliefs on society’s standards. We kept messaging until 2 AM and called it a night before it turned 3.

The next morning he messaged me and we continued to chat until I left for my date. Unfortunately I didn’t message YS for the rest of the day until the next day when he asked me what I had done the previous day, I told him the truth. He seemed really cool about it and we agreed to meet that Sunday and just hang out.

Of course what he didn’t know was that the guy I had gone on a date with apparently had a really weird thing for me. I mean the date was fine, I had fun but by the end of the night he told me he “loved” me. That kind of scared me. This guy wanted me to call him “oppa” and wanted to come visit me where I lived. I was a little weirded out and confused. I told him I was meeting YS that Sunday because he was cool and we really hit it off and this dude told me not to meet him. He didn’t want me “running off into another man’s arms”. I’m pretty sure things would not have ended well with that guy.

So I told him I was going to meet YS and that was final. He said fine (like I needed his permission) but that I should be home before 9pm because he didn’t trust YS’s intentions.

Anyway I met YS at the City Hall station. Honestly we didn’t find each other for a while because apparently he was inside the station and I was outside so I was waiting for him. Then suddenly this giant scary looking man stares at me and makes me start doubting if YS’s picture on his profile and kakao was all a lie. I was getting scared because that man starting to walk towards me. I swear my eye started twitching >.<


But then it turns out that guy was waiting for another woman who was near me.

Then suddenly YS appears from the subway calling my name out. I shook his hand and introduced myself and we started walking around the area. At first I was a little quiet and shy so he kept talking and talking. But after we sat down and ate food I started opening up a little. He also made me try makgeolli and it was horrible. In YS’s words “ your face made it look like you were transforming into a monster or something”…..sweetest bf ever right? lol But he was right…..I couldn’t contain my disgust.


We then headed to Hongdae for churros! When we actually sat down and ate churros we talked until all of the customers left and had to run for the subway because we were getting close to closing time and he didn’t live in Seoul.

I told YS about the other guy and he was puzzled as to why I was still talking to that guy then, but he told me he thought I liked the other guy.

The other guy messaged me like a million times when I was with YS and even called me. He told me that if I ever wanted to see him again I would have to stop seeing YS. So I told him I wasn’t going to stop seeing him and it would be best to stop being friends, needless to say that did not go over very well with him.

Anyway YS told me he didn’t want to lose my friendship with him over something so stupid. Which I thought was really cool.

We continued to message for the entire week without missing a day and then he came over to my house so I could cook him dinner. Which is actually where he mentioned he had a crush on me. I was kind of shocked but glad because I had (and still do) the biggest crush on him. Yes, I am a 5-year-old when it comes to feelings ;__;


Anyway that’s the story of how we met :D I’ll write a separate post on some of the other dates :D 

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